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Best Refurbished Printers For Sale | Sharprint Limited

Are you in the market for a new printer? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a refurbished model. Refurbished printers are pre-owned machines that have been repaired and restored to like-new condition. They offer an affordable alternative to brand-new printers, and they come with a number of benefits. This article will discuss the best-refurbished printers for sale at Sharprint. We will also highlight the benefits of buying a refurbished printer and provide tips for choosing the right model.

What are Refurbished Printers?

A printer is classed as refurbished [1] when it’s been sent back to the manufacturer to be repaired and then sold on. It could have a fault that’s been fixed or simply be an ex-display model. Buying a refurbished printer can save you a lot of money, but it’s important to do your research first and buy from a reputable seller. Many people overlook high-value items such as printers when looking for refurbished goods, but if you know what to look for, then you can get an amazing deal.

Should You Buy A Refurbished Printer?

Printers are one of the most commonly used pieces of technology in both homes and businesses. They come in all shapes and sizes, from basic black-and-white models to advanced colour printers. And while there are plenty of new printers on the market [2], you may be considering a refurbished model instead.

Buying a refurbished printer can be a great way to save money. But you should keep a few things in mind before making your purchase. We’ll examine some factors for consideration before buying a refurbished printer.

Reasons to Buy A Refurbished Printer

Great Quality

One of the main reasons to buy a refurbished printer is because you can get great quality at a reduced price. When you buy a refurbished printer, you are essentially getting a second-hand printer that has been checked, fixed and improved by the manufacturer – or in some cases, an independent specialist. If printing to you is a means to an end rather than an obsession, then a refurbished printer should do the job just fine.

This means that you can get hold of a top-quality printer from leading brands for less than half the price of buying it new. For many people, this makes refurbished printers an extremely attractive proposition. If the printer meets your operational needs, then there’s no reason not to save some money and buy a refurbished model.

Environmentally Friendly

Calling a printer environmentally friendly might sound like a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. When you buy a refurbished printer, you are reusing an existing machine rather than buying a brand-new one.

Buying a refurbished printer is valuable in that it can help you do your bit for the environment. Every year, millions of electrical items are thrown away [3] and end up at landfill sites – including printers.

By buying a refurbished printer, you are reusing an item that would otherwise have been scrapped, which helps to reduce waste and pollution. Furthermore, many manufacturers now offer recycling schemes for old printers, so you can recycle your old ones when you upgrade to a newer model. Remember to keep this in mind for any outdated or unused electronics you might have standing around.

Financial Savings

Of course, the main reason to buy a refurbished printer is to save money. Whether you are a student, a small business owner or simply someone who doesn’t want to spend too much on their home office set-up, buying a refurbished printer can help you keep costs down.

As we mentioned above, you can save up to 50% on the price of a new printer by opting for a refurbished model. And if you shop around, you may be able to find even better deals – especially if you don’t mind buying an older model that newer versions have superseded. What is more, a refurb can operate as efficiently as a new printer.

Refurbished Printers vs New Printers

There are many benefits to buying a refurbished printer instead of a brand new one. For one, refurbished printers are significantly cheaper than their brand new counterparts, as mentioned before. If you’re looking for a great deal on a printer, then opting for a refurbished model is definitely the way to go.

In addition, refurbished printers often come with extended warranties, which cover your risk, similar to buying new models. This means that if something does go wrong with your printer, you’ll be covered by the warranty and won’t have to fork out for repairs or replacements yourself.

Finally, it’s important to remember that all products – whether they’re new or refurbished – can eventually break down or develop faults. By opting for a refurbished model, you’re not necessarily increasing your risk of encountering problems down the line.

So, if you’re looking for a great deal on a printer, check out Sharprint’s range of refurbished models. With savings of up to 50% off the RRP and extended warranties available, you can’t go wrong!

How to Shop for Your Refurbished Office Computer?

The refurbishment process of printers is quite simple to understand. Printers are stripped down to their frame, and all the internals are cleaned. Once that’s done, any required repairs will be carried out before putting them back together and testing them. Any parts that need to be replaced will be sourced from the original manufacturer to ensure they meet the same high standards as the rest of the printer.

This is done in-house by our team of expert engineers with years of experience in printer refurbishment. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a warranty with every purchase.


  • Check The Counter/Odometer – the first step in purchasing a refurbished office computer is to check the counter or odometer. This will give you an idea of how many hours the machine has been used. If it’s close to the maximum number of hours recommended by the manufacturer, it’s probably best to avoid that particular model.
  • Check The Interior For Dust And Toner – once you’ve found a few models that fit your usage requirements, it’s time to take a closer look at the machines themselves. First, check the interior of the machine for dust and toner buildup. If there’s a significant amount of either one, it’s likely that the machine hasn’t been properly maintained and could have other underlying issues.
  • Look for the Word ‘Certified’ – when looking at refurbished office printers, you’ll want to ensure that the machine is certified. This means that it’s been tested by the manufacturer and found to meet their standards for quality and performance.

Consider A Warranty From The Manufacturer Or Service Provider

When it comes to refurbished printers, one of the most important factors that you need to consider is whether or not the printer comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or service provider. This is important because it will give you peace of mind in knowing that if something goes wrong with the printer, you will be covered.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to warranties on refurbished printers. First, make sure that you understand what is covered and what is not covered under warranty. Second, find out how long the warranty lasts. And finally, make sure that you know who to contact if something does go wrong and you need to file a claim.

Possible Drawbacks Of Buying A Refurbished Printer?

While there are many benefits to buying a refurbished printer, there are also some potential drawbacks that you should be aware of.

One of the biggest potential drawbacks is that you may not be able to get the exact model or make of the printer that you want. The odds are that you’ve used a printer to which operating system you’ve become accustomed. In this case, it is a case of pros vs cons that you have to weigh up and make the decision that will suit your circumstances.

Another potential drawback is that refurbished printers may not come with all of the features and accessories that you would get if you bought a brand new printer. However, you should not make the mistake of thinking that buying a refurb will mean you’re buying an old model. Many businesses upgrade their machines regularly, so a one-year-old printer may have only been used for a few months.

Finally, it is important to remember that refurbished printers may not have the same warranty as a brand new printer. While most reputable dealers will offer some kind of warranty, it is important to check the terms and conditions before you buy.

With all that being said, there are still many reasons why buying a refurbished printer can be a great decision. As long as you do your research and buy from a reputable dealer, you can get a great machine at a fraction of the price of a new one. So, if you’re in the market for a new printer, don’t discount the idea of buying a refurbished printer. Contact Us today to find out what we have in stock!







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